Tomb of Annihilation MONDAYS!

Exerpts from Cassio's Books, p2

Darkness Descends, p33

the night falls with a silent sigh, entwined are we.
the salvation for which you pine
flares once, then dies,
devoured by the abyss.
all hope must fail.

your heart beats no more.
how could you cause such hurt?
spirits surround us, crying,
we have lost our light

righteous hatred, p 90

what have you wrought?
a haze of darkness as perceptions disappear.
once we savored innocence,
childlike and virginal,
but your heart soured.
a hateful fever of blood -
thoughts follow night, follow memory,
love consumed.
in a rush of vengeance,
i reject you.

Haiku, p. 112

Sorrow in my soul.
Death is bound to everyone.
There’s no point in life.

Log Jam 2

Beloved Log,

Finally, it’s “Emma Time.” If I do not write it down, I will surely shape myself into a spider and chew off someone’s “face.”

After more than a week of jungle travel, we reached Camp Vengeance – an ill-named place full of layabouts under the “command” of a lazy dwarf called Breakbeard or Firebone or some compound cliché.

Wouldn’t even let us inside their lame “palisade” until we agreed to find medicines for their Shivers and Mad Monkey Fever – and they call themselves soldiers. Since then, we’ve been wandering, searching, fighting – so much has happened that I can only provide “highlights.”

Day 9 – Saw a ginormous dinosaur, spotted a sneaky vegepygmy lurking around on his “thorny,” and more pterafolk slowed us down

Day 10 – Psychic bat-monkeys – wtf? And then we encountered Honest-to-Ubtau Zentarim bounty hunters! The one-eyed ginger human was super-scary – I almost fear-raged, but the promise of PROFIT for some Ardis Simber guy calmed me right back down. They told us to look for Snake at the Thundering Lizard Tavern if we had success. I feel like such a badass.

Day 11 – Apparently the jungle is sick with Batiri Goblins. I trip over one every time I turn around, then I have to kill it. Still a badass.

Day 12 – Badasses don’t get lost! So angry…

Day 13 – Found some cartographer’s tools made in Neverwinter. You find the coolest junk out here.

Day 14 – The vegepygmy was sneaking around us again – the discovery of tracks close to our path made me so grumpy that I didn’t notice the 8 grungs with blowguns and crappy daggers until their ambush attack.

Day 16 – In a clearing, surrounded by pagan offerings, we found “Vorn.” Just being around his Shieldy Guardian-ness made me a better Barbarian that day. Back to feeling my mojo.

Day 17 – Dammit – lost again!

Day 18 – Traveled in circles to find our path again – was soothed considerably when we got to camp near Vorn again.

Day 19 – Totally sucked. Our self-appointed “leader,” Lodak got dragged off by a Giant Anaconda and I got crawled by a bunch of virulent centipede swarms and contracted the Shivers myself. It was the worst! Everything got all blurry-looking and it felt like I couldn’t do anything right – and I second-guessed myself every time I tried to attack my foes.

Day 20 – We heard about the Batiri Goblin village called Yellyark – those jerks have been preying on innocent river travelers, sneaking around in their stupid masks, and have probably gathered up all of the herbs we’ve been bumbling around trying to locate. I hate them so much…
Day 21 – Some infuriating Circle of Cold with a bunch of dead guys in it. I miss Vorn.

Day 22 – We were checking out a potential clue when we got jumped by Assassin Vines. Would have been a non-event, but Cassio took a snoot full of crazy-spores and started acting all emo. For a whole day all he did was hide in the bushes and mutter to himself.

Day 23 – Maybe we’ve been in the jungle too long, Cassio developed an unhealthy and unnatural attachment to Wildfire Buick. Of course, Buick is all creeped out and can’t get away from Cassio fast enough. It would be funny if it wasn’t so awkward and slowing us down big time.

Day 25 – Found Yellyark (just had to follow the Goblin stink). One of those chumps told Lodak he was “anointed” and now he thinks he’s king of the world. To make matters worse, he’s picked up a lackey called Beetlepicker and started a relationship with goblin-queen Grubstab. Intolerable. At least the flexing and posturing got us the “Vorn-controller.” Maybe we aren’t that shitty of a team.

Day 26 – Lost again. There are no words.

Day 27 – Uneventful. At least we didn’t get lost – came dangerously close to some “Mad Monkey Mist” but I think we made some progress. Maybe.

Day 28 – Stupid Zent mercs were camped around Vorn all day! Hid in the bushes, seething, and watched them messing with it THE WRONG WAY. Ugh.

Day 29 – Zents were trying to build a travois in attempt to steal Vorn! Joke on them – we walked his metal ass right out of their camp, passed without a trace, and beat feet. Who’s the badass bounty hunter now, Ginger Eyepatch Guy?

Day 30 – To punctuate the end of our first month in the jungle, we found a dead, halfling explorer hanging from a tree. Sobering. Going to have to ponder the meaning of this – feels like an omen.

Excerpts from Cassio's book

My Mind Has Gone With Illithids, p36

I thought I’d put that part of me away,
But she’s come back to fight another day.
I cannot shake this thought within my mind,
Where’er I go she’s walking right behind.
Help! Send help, send torches, send swords.

My Mind Has Gone With Illithids, p43

The darkness swirls around my fair-haired love
Her eyes aglow untouched by light above.
She visits me whene’er I go to sleep.
She waits for me in dreams so cold and deep.
One day she’ll lead me to her silent lair.
‘Midst stone and web and sweet soft kisses there
I will be lost in blissful dreamless sleep.
Til then I walk this windy world alone
To harvest trophies for my lover’s throne,
My oath of blood and death I have to keep.

My Mind Has Gone With Illithids, p55

Hello darkness my old friend,
the light comes through yet again.
The lies are needles, the truth is wrong,
Lolth spins her web and sings her song.
Lost to a world forgotten above,
only the struggle, the pain, and lack of love.
Hello darkness my old friend,
Please embrace me once again.

a walk in the woods with LODAK and pals

LODAK has made it clear that interlopers will not intrude on boat moving time! Death follows swift and sure for those who tread heedlessly.

LODAK has finally been recognized for his true prowess and has been proclaimed as an anointed one!

LODAK has observed the frailty of peasants and is confused by their request.

LODAK approves of the plan to “help” by walking away from the fort and do what we wanted to do anyway.

LODAK wishes he could have seen the small mushroom riding a cat (or whatever) but should have been paying attention. Clearly.

Log Jam 1

Dearest Log,

I write to you with this journal entry because you will resonate with my rage and keep my secrets, Sweet Log.

Being home again is strange – after soaking up that Baldur’s Gate culture, Nyanzaru seems so small and backwards. Even my Uncles & Aunties treat me strangely because I am so changed by my travels. Clearly my cosmopolitan style intimidates them – this makes me angry, they should know ME, but I keep my temper in check, for now.

Because I am working (Iknowright?), I wasn’t in Port Nyan for very long – which is good. Mom and Dad are going to be really ticked off that I didn’t write or check in before our team headed to the Interior. They’re going to be blood-raging (LOL) when they hear where we’re going…

We’ve been in the jungle over a week now, Log, and I am finding out that I have a lot to learn about being a real Druid. The sustainable agri-training was noble, but on the way from Camp Righteous to Camp Vengeance I have discovered new core competencies (Goodberries – whatwhat?!?!) as well as gaps in my training that should be addressed (note to self: Purify Food and Drink).

We got jumped by some Terrorfolk the other day – totally got some sweet new javelin scars, but OMG, those guys are such hateful dicks!

OK, here’s the part I need to talk with you about, Log. These dudes in my squad are SO demanding. All day long it’s like “Can I ride on your shoulders?”, “Can you awaken my dinosaur?”, “Can you purify this nasty-ass water so we don’t dehydrate?”, “Could you wildshape in private – it’s weird?”. Sometimes it makes me so upset, I think I’m gonna just lose my shizz.

To make matters worse, Loggy, I HAD to let one of them ride on my shoulders in order to get through this dumb-ass temple. I don’t know if my fury was from the combat or from the Svirfneblin riding sidesaddle on my shoulders. Ugh.

But, on the upsies, we found a magic jug that’s gonna save me from being a drinks dispenser. I’m calming down already.

Welp, exhaustion is setting in and we gotta hit the trail early again tomorrow, Log. Time for go to Long Rest. Ups until the flipside! - XO-EO-XO

The start of a true bond!

Dearest Wildfire Buick,

I write to you with this journal entry so that you will know what’s going on before you are awakened.

My traveling companions are a bunch of misfits, none of them are truly worthy of traveling with you, Wildfire Buick. We have a wood elf, hobgoblin, human, and some other races that were not of note to remember. Yet the true reason I travel with these people is because a druid, albeit a little weak now, will help me give you sentience.

So our first day inside the port everyone went and did all the talking to high prince merchant lords, god they could talk. I immediately left and went in search of you my trusty mount. I arrived at some stable that was recommended and I saw you and was certain you were the one. I paid for you with nearly all the gold I had. I went and bought some bug repellent and rations.

The druid kept going around telling all the prince merchant lord princes that she was their niece or some such. She sure is a niece to a bunch of people, kinda weird if you ask me.
I’m sure the others were doing useful things like research and gathering rumors.

Day 3.
I was just so excited I didn’t want to leave your side Wildfire. Alas, the stable boys just kept talking to me about weird stuff that I had no interest in. They kept telling me weird things like snapping turtles live in snapping turtle bay, like are all humans this dumb? Some kid that was super depressed and wore a bunch of black clothing for some reason told me that some giant turtle king was somewhere. I told my traveling companion Cassio and he was excited about it.

Day 4
We set off on a adventure! We have two canoes. It’s me you the hobgoblin and the human in one. No problems arise.

In the evening Cassio starts looking at the trees for some reason. He might be seeing stuff.

At night a bunch of flying snakes attack us – we managed to catch a few. If they get unruly i will feed you them.

Day 5
We start trying to make up time and decide to speed up. Everything is going great. Everyone thinks we are going faster than we normally would, I let them believe those delusions.

We got attacked!! We were so focused on the rowing some sneaky crocodile sneaked up on us and tipped over both our canoes! A croc grabbed me by the leg and dragged me under water. I was to weak and surprised to resist. I kept stabbing at it with my rapier. It wasn’t working. I managed to get away from the crocodile and went to assist whoever else was underwater. To my dismay I heard you thrashing about underwater. Then all the crocodiles left without warning..

Later that evening I realized I was dying Wildfire Buick. I have leaches inside my throat. I don’t have much longer to live buddy. I leave everything to you. Please get awakened and live a fulfilling life.



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