Cassio Re'llos



Cassio Re’Llos
Medium humanoid (elf), lawful evil ranger of Lolth

STR: 10 DEX: 17 CON:14 INT:8 WIS:16 CHA:10

Saves STR + 2; Dex + 5; advantage vs charm
Condition Immunities Sleep
Skills Perception + 5, Insight + 5, Nature + 1, Stealth + 5, Survival + 5, Athletics + 2
Senses Darkvision 90’, passive perception 15
Languages Common, Elven, Deep Speech, Undercommon

Trance: full rest in 4 hours
Mask of the Wild: can hide in foliage, rain, snow, mist, other
Fighting Style: Archery
Favored Enemy (aberrations)
Umbral Sight: + 30’ darkvision and invisible on creatures relying on darkvision
Dread Ambusher: 1st round of combat: + 10’ move, + extra attack with extra 1d8 dmg

Longbow – ranged weapon, 120/600, + 7 (1d8+3 P)
shortsword – melee weapon, + 5 (1d6+3 P)

Spellcasting +5 (DC 13)
(3) 1st level – zephyr strike, hunter’s mark, disguise self, ensnaring strike


Background – Outlander
Ideal – Might
Bond – items of power will shape my destiny
Flaw – xenophobia (resent people who disrespect the dark elves)

Hidden Spider as a bonus action, command the spider to envenom one piercing or slashing weapon or ammunition, after which the spider dies. The weapon remains poisoned until it hits a foe or 1 minute elapses. A creature that takes damage from the weapon takes 3d6 poison damage, and must make a DC 13 Con save or be poisoned; while so poisoned, the creature takes 3d6 poison at the start of each of its turn, and may make a DC 13 Con save at the end of its turn to reduce the damage by 1d6. The poisoned condition ends when the poison damage reaches 0.

Cassio Re'llos

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