a big wizard.


Some things about lLODAK

DefuseLODAK has a calming nature that people find soothing. For this reason people are rarely angry with himfor long.

Gossip – If people are willing to gossip, LODAK will listen and can’t resist spreading that information as far as he can.

Free Thinking – Progress is made when there is inquiry and curiosity.

RelicLODAK will probably die to recover an ancient relic of his faith (Poseidon, who isn’t a thing) that was lost long ago.

CoffersLODAK once stole gold from the guild coffers. No one must ever learn this secret.


After serving a tour in the chill, Lodak received a cold brand. Chill Brand a tattoo of a human skull split by an icicle; as an action, may expend the mark’s power to gain the effects of a potion of heroism, after which it becomes a mundane


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